Romans Part 4

Romans Part 4 Bible Study starting on April 18th!

The study will be held every Thursday night from 7:00-8:30 at New Life Family Church. It will begin April 18th and will go for 8 weeks. We will cover chapters 12-16 of Romans. Childcare is provided.

If you would like to sign up, have any questions, or would like additional information please send me an email:

For more information on the study, look here.

If you were not able to be with us for Parts 1-3, don’t worry, you can still join for Part 4.  We would love to have you!


As always, anyone and everyone is welcome. Invite your friends! Share on Facebook! Tweet! Spread the word!

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.
-Romans 10:17

The following is a Holy Week reading plan I pulled from my Bible.  I hope it will help you focus on our Glorious Savior during this Holy Week.

In addition, Desiring God has published a free ebook (PDF, Kindle, Nook, etc.) that you can download, here. I think it would be an excellent supplement to the Scripture texts below.


  • John 12:1-11


  • Matthew 21:1-11
  • Mark 11:1-11
  • Luke 19:28-44
  • John 12:12-36


  • Matthew 21:18-19, 21:12-13 (Matthew does not record the events in chronological order)
  • Mark 11:12-19
  • Luke 19:45-46


  • Matthew 21:20-25:46
  • Mark 11:20-13:37
  • Luke 20:1-21:36


  • Matthew 26:3-5
  • Mark 14:1-2
  • Luke 21:37-22:2


  • Matthew 26:17-46
  • Mark 14:12-42
  • Luke 22:7-46
  • John 13:1-17:26


  • Matthew 26:47-27:61
  • Mark 14:43-15:47
  • Luke 22:47-23:54
  • John 18:2-19:42


  • Scripture does not record what happened on Saturday.  Meditate on the emptiness and fear the Disciples must have felt with the death (albeit temporary) of their Lord.

Sunday (Easter)

  • Matthew 28:1-20
  • Mark 16:1-20
  • Luke 24:1-53
  • John 20:1-21:25